How It Works

Open House Manager / Administrator: Event Planning (absolutely free):

  • Registration: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter account preferred. Must add professional credentials: Real Estate Agent, Academic (College, University, Academy) Administrator, Art Gallery Curator, Recruiter, etc.
  • Creates Open House event:
    • Location, Date and Time
    • Short Description and Detailed Description
    • Option 1: Upload Brochure
    • Option 2: Upload Photos - create a brochure (Pick Collage-like feature)
    • Custom Brochure Templates available for purchase (for a fee)
  • Market event directly from application to his/her contacts via Email - customizable message along with Open House brochure
  • Event created on Facebook and Google+ Calendar - helps manager target his/her connections from within familiar Social Media networks
  • Tweet on Twitter (Pin on Pinterest, Post on Instagram - later versions)
  • Upload Media (videos and additional photos) and create the Social Network Open House E-Brochure - to be displayed at the entrance to the Event
Open Houses Platform - How It Works

Open House Attendee: Search & Attendance Confirmation

  • Search for events in a specific area:
    • Real Estate – i.e. "South Beach", "Malibu", "Beverly Hills". A list of upcoming Open Houses would be presented for that specific area.
    • Academic – i.e. "Florida Colleges". A list of upcoming Open Houses would be presented for all institutions of higher learning in the state of Florida.
    • For all others, the attendee more than likely would have received an invite/notice and can search directly for that business, art gallery, museum, government, political event.
  • Confirms attendance to the event: Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account preferred
  • Downloads event to calendar within application (user details are never shared with manager, only the head count – for planning purposes).
  • Prioritizes the events - sequence, time to spend at each, etc. Sets desired reminder alert.
  • Has the option to confirm attendance on Facebook and/or Google+ (manager would then see the user as an attendee, although email/phone number are usually not available on Facebook/Google+ user profiles)
Open Houses Platform - How It Works

Open House Event

  • Manager: Event details, videos, photos are displayed in a professional e-brochure on tablet device(s)
    • Social media platforms are queried for the event specific #hashtags and images/tweets/status updates are displayed in real-time within display
  • Attendee:
    • Checks in (BUMP devices on Android platform) - iBeacon proximity and location aware, similar to Facebook Check Ins, Foursquare Check Ins, etc.
    • Contact information is then shared with the Open House Manager/Administrator
    • E-Brochure, Collage, Presentation, Summary is downloaded to mobile device, within the application
  • Manager and Attendee (#openhouse hashtag):
    • Tweet (via Twitter) directly from within the application about their experience
    • Post pictures to Facebook, Google+
    • (Pin photos taken during the event on Pinterest, Post to Instagram - later versions)
Open Houses Platform - How It Works

Post Open House Event: Follow-up

  • Manager:
    • List of attendees is stored and made available within the application with attendee's contact information
    • Subsequent Open House events can be marketed directly to these contacts
    • Social media statistics reporting (optional, add-on service)
  • Attendee
    • Asked to rate the event, provide feedback (private or public)
    • Can opt-out of receiving "alike" event invites from manager
Open Houses Platform - How It Works