Is this what your Open House attendees see? Paper brochures, business cards? In 2015? There has to be a better way. Why do you read news on a tablet at home but bring paper pamphlets to your Open House?

Open Houses Counter

-- First Impression is the Last Impression! --

Who still passes out business cards when you can BUMP Android phones and exchange contact information? With Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology such as iBeacon, attendance confirmation couldn't be easier.


  • Identifying, planning and executing an Open House takes time and dedication
  • Staging and presentation are what planners and event administrators do best
  • Marketing, attendance tracking and follow-up are crucial for the success of the "Open House"
  • No unified platform does it ALL today


  • Replace low-tech "brochure-ware" with high-tech marketing material: digital photos and videos
  • Market open houses directly based on consumer searches: i.e. "SEC Schools", "Low Priced Cars", "High-Rise Penthouses"
  • Social Media Integration:
    • Reservations and Calendaring via Facebook and Google+
    • Event Check In similar to Facebook, Foursquare (BUMP Android Devices), iBeacon location and proximity awareness
    • Interacting during the event via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
    • Post-event feedback tracking

Who are your customers?

  • all Universities
  • all Colleges
  • all Fraternities and Sororities
  • all School: High Schools, Middle Schools, Academies
  • all Real Estate Agents
  • all New Home Builders
  • all Car Dealers
  • all Boat Dealers
  • all Government entities hosting Open Houses: politicians, zoning, police, fire, etc.
  • all Museums
  • all Art Galleries